Watch Louis C.K. Reveal His True Accent For The Very First Time In This Week's 'SNL' Promos

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03.26.14 10 Comments

Not that we have high hopes for this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live or anything, but if it’s not the best episode of this transition-heavy season WE RIOT. That’s because Louis C.K. takes the reins this week (with musical guest Sam Smith).

Check out the promos above, in which Mr. C.K. and Kenan Thompson banter back and forth about weed, cheeseburgers, the true meaning of “C.K.”, and more. Louis even reveals his true accent for the very first time. (If you’re wondering what a man who’s born in Washington D.C., raised in Mexico and suburban Boston, and spends his adult life in New York City sounds like, the answer is: nothing like anyone from any of those places.)

Saturday Night Live

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