Snoop Dogg Is Sick Of Folks Sending Him Pictures Of Sex Dolls

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01.21.18 3 Comments

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Have you been sending popular recording artist/basic cable lifestyle host Snoop Dogg pictures of sex dolls? If so, he’d like you to knock it off, please and thank you.

Snoop took to Instagram on Saturday to let the world know he’s had enough of seeing assorted varieties of the masturbation aide (or Pizza Hut dine-in companion) in his travels and that venting came in the form of a bewildered video rant.

“If another n*gga send me a picture of one of these motherf*cking blow up dolls…” said Snoop. “N*gga, one of you n*ggas is gon’ f*ck one of them blow up dolls and try to get that motherf*cker pregnant. You insecure, no game having motherf*ckers. Quit sending me pictures of those got damn blow up dolls. I don’t give a f*ck about how sexy you think the b*tch look. That’s a f*cking doll, n*gga. It’s a f*cking plastic doll, n*gga. Knock it off, and get you a real, bona fide, breathing b*tch.”

So that’s a no on there being a Snoop Dogg sex doll making its way into the dude’s tour merch? Fair enough. Of course, a rant like this means Snoop is probably going to be sent waaaaay more images of sex dolls than before he went off on ’em. After all, it’s not like shame is going to quit the sex doll assembly line from rolling on.

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