This Woman’s Snore Plus A Toy Airplane Equals Seconds Of Entertainment

Snoring sucks. It can signal sleep apnea, intense drunkenness, and a host of other unfortunate medical conditions in the snorer, and reduce all possibility of sleep to zero for the non-snorers who must endure it. Yet as the intrepid YouTube user responsible for the above video found out, one can sometimes transform such tragedy into beauty. That, and viral internet karma.

Consider the “airplane snore,” in which the snorer’s repetitive nasal utterances sound not unlike a passing aerial vehicle. Grab a camera and a toy airplane or two and you’re in for a night of entertainment. Sadly, you still won’t get any sleep. Also, if you don’t record the video with the phone at a horizontal angle, you’ll incur the wrath of the almighty internet. Like YouTube user Butt Poopington, who wrote: “TURN. YOUR. PHONE. SIDEWAYS.”

(Via YouTube)