So Is the Deadpool Movie Happening Or Not?

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03.07.11 2 Comments

Hey, remember the first “Wolverine” movie? The one so good its sequel is going to pretend it doesn’t exist at all? Remember the Deadpool movie that was also going to be spun off from that, and was also going to be a reboot? Sick of all these questions?

Basically, Ryan Reynolds has said he still wants to do it. The problem is DC Comics. Reynolds, of course, has shot “Green Lantern”, which is a bit of what you call “time-intensive”. And now there’s a Catch-22 he’s stuck in.

If “Green Lantern” bombs (which seems unlikely), Fox, being Fox, won’t want to make a superhero movie with Reynolds. But if it’s a hit, Warner Brothers will immediately start working on “Green Lantern 2: This Time With Sinestro”, and Reynolds won’t have the time to make a Deadpool movie.

So, basically, it’s not happening until Reynolds gets some space in his schedule, or some extremely wealthy fan steps in and buys his Warners contract. Anybody out there got the moolah?

[ via the fourth-wall breakers at Blastr ]

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