Some Guy Dedicated His Ride To Gingers

For some time now I’ve noticed a small pickup truck that’s often parked on the street I live on during the day. And how could I not — it’s completely devoted to gingers, errrr, redheads.
Yes, the thing is painted up and down with cartoon drawings depicting redheads making their mark on the world: Notable achievements like creating Ligers, inventing the carrot cake, etc., none of which are true by the way. I’ve been hoping to run into the person who owns it — someone I presume is a person with red hair or one with a hard fetish for people with red hair, who just so happens to smoke a lot of weed — but have thus far been unsuccessful. I emailed him or her to ask, “What the deal with the redhead truck?” but sadly have yet to hear anything back.
Still, I’ve been so taken by the truck and its artwork that I figured others might get a kick out of seeing it too. So I took a few up-close pics of it from just about every angle and posted them after the jump.
A Redhead created the first Liger.
Redheads created ghost stories.
The Japanese love gingers.
Redheads invented texting.
Reheads invented carrot cake and the barbershop quartet.
I can’t imagine why anyone would wanna bust this guy’s windows out. Also, this isn’t this guy’s first ginger tribute vehicle.
A disclaimer on the roof.