Someone Built The Coolest Millennium Falcon Ever With 10,000 LEGO Blocks

Star Wars fans are crazy hardcore, and so are serious LEGO hobbyists. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that when the two overlap, you get crazy hardcore squared. To celebrate May the 4th (which has quickly become accepted as Star Wars Day), LEGOland Malaysia featured a very special LEGO model of the Millennium Falcon. It measures in at 3.9 feet by 2.8 feet and consists of 10,000 bricks… No word on how fast it can do the Kessel Run without a roof, but it certainly looks pretty slick.

“Chewie, We’re Home” was built by a group of avid LEGO artists from Singapore called Titans Creations and took two months to plan and build. There’s none of those cheaty special pieces you often find in commercial LEGO sets; these guys used generic parts alone to recreate Han Solo’s ship in loving detail. Their goal was to “replicate the interior of the popular Millennium Falcon as accurately as possible, using references to different online material.” And boy, do they pull it off.

Visit Brickfinder for even more pictures of this unique LEGO Millennium Falcon, or check out this LEGO Death Star that was built for LEGOland California’s May the 4th festivities.

One thing is for sure: Star Wars fever is ramping up in anticipation of the new films. I can’t wait to see what kind of LEGO art is in store for us next year!

(Via Titans Creations)