Someone Has Already Gotten A Dancing ‘Left Shark’ Super Bowl Halftime Show Tattoo

Even though the Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show dancing sharks — particularly the less coordinated “left shark” — became an instant meme and sparked the endless fascination of the internet, there are few reasons why someone should theoretically want to get the left shark tattooed on their person. Such as: “you were the left shark.” No wait, check that as the only reason someone should theoretically want to get a left shark tattoo.

Yet, for some reason, incredibly, someone has already managed to get a tattoo of the infamous (for about fourteen more minutes) left shark, as someone on Reddit shared “Good friend just posted this tattoo her friend got today. Had to share the awesomeness.”

As far as tattoos of memes that have a shelf life of about another week go, it’s honestly not the worst. It’s definitely cooler than a Grumpy Cat tattoo, anyway.

And speaking of the mysterious Left Shark, it’s been revealed to be dancer Bryan Gaw, who posted confirmation to his Instagram account earlier this week:


We’ll just assume he fessed up before gifs like these hit the internet. #HERO