Someone Is Selling A Pair Of Unicorns On Craigslist For The Low Price Of $1.8 Million

Sometimes I get the feeling that people who sell things online might not always be the most honest people. Maybe it’s just me, but after I tried to follow up about that time machine that was being sold in Winter Park, FL last year, I started to think that maybe some people are fibbing just a little bit in order to either rip people off or just make a joke out of something. Fortunately, I don’t get that feeling with today’s best Craigslist ad, as someone in Goffstown, New Hampshire is selling a pair of unicorns for a hell of a bargain – just $925,000… each!

According to the ad, anyone looking for just one unicorn is poop out of luck, because these specific unicorns have to go as a pair. But anyone who has seen the movie Legend would know that unicorns always need to be in pairs. I mean, DUH!

We are selling 2 purebred unicorns. Male is 3 years old named Pagasus. Female is 5 years old and named Daisy. Price of $930,000 USD is per unicorn.

Unicorns are hand fed from birth, and require just as much attention if you do decide to welcome a unicorn into your home.

We are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America, and are NUBAA certified. Call now to be put on the waiting list, on which wait times start at 9 months out


We also offer unicorn eggs for purchase.

Serious question: Am I the only person who just read that ad and immediately thought, “Hey, unicorn omelets…”?

But if you live in or near Goffstown and have an extra $2 million to burn, you have to at least call about this ad, right? If you do, don’t make the same mistake I once did and think that this is what a unicorn looks like:

I’d love to have that $925,000 back.

(H/T to The Daily Dot)