‘Sonic Lost World’ Is Basically A Hedgehog-Infused ‘Mario Galaxy’

Wii U owners got a rare bit of good news a couple weeks ago when Nintendo announced it was now best pals with Sega and that the next major Sonic platformer would be a Wii U exclusive. Well, the first trailer for Sonic Lost World just hit, and it looks like Nintendo is giving Sega a bit of a helping hand with this title, because they game is looking very much like Mario Galaxy.

Hit the jump for the trailer…

I know you should always be cautious about a new Sonic game, but that trailer was good right? Like, pretty damn good? I love how back-to-basics the game looks — no realistic environments or Sonic trying to mack on our human women. Also, new enemies? As in not Robotnik for the 100th time? Holy crap.

Arrrrgh…must…restrain…enthusiasm. Can’t let the hedgehog hurt me again.

via Kotaku