Sony Finally Shows Us What We’ll Be Fighting In ‘The Last Of Us’

The Last Of Us looks impressive, but so far Sony and Naughty Dog haven’t been terribly forthcoming about what you’ll actually be fighting against in the game. The trailers have only shown main characters Joel and Ellie being threatened by regular, murderous humans, but we’ve always known the game will also contain some kind of “infected” monsters as well.

Well, the wraps have finally been lifted from the infected, and it seems like they come in two forms — runners, which look like fairly typical 28 Days Later-style fast zombies, and clickers, who have heads that look like gruesome, scabby fortune cookies.

Hit the jump for screenshots and a video featuring these abominations in action…

Hit page two for screenshots that give you somewhat clearer look at the runners and clickers…

Shoot him in the head and get your fortune!


So, what do you folks think? Does the inclusion of zombies and monsters increase your anticipation for The Last of Us, or should they have stuck to The Road vibe of the early trailers and gone strictly with humans as enemies?

via Kotaku here and here