Sony Is Getting Into…Streaming Games?

Rumors are starting to go around about Sony teaming up with either Gaikai or OnLive. Why do you care?

Because it means you might be streaming games, sooner rather than later, and offers hints as to how that whole “anti-used-games-console” thing is going to work.

There are some differences: Gaikai streams demos so you can play them in your browser, which is certainly something Sony would be interested in, but OnLive streams full games after you’ve paid for them.

And that has some interesting implications. If you pay OnLive ten bucks a month, you get access to a library of games, ranging from modern hits like “Borderlands” to indie games to Genesis games. You also get a discount on buying new games through the service.

Especially if Sony is trying to limit used game sales, while retaining angry gamers, that’s got to be getting their attention. We’ll know more once E3 rolls around.

image courtesy OnLive