Sony Reveals ‘Sinister Six’ Villain Line-up Via Smartphone Gimmick

One of the best parts of Marvel movies are the teasers that come after the credits. It doesn’t matter how exhausting or disappointing the actual movie was — you’re sticking around for that teaser!

Well, unfortunately Sony has gone and unnecessarily tampered with the formula. In order to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser, you need to have Shazam (you know, the song identifying app) which will detect the song playing during the credits and cue up the teaser. Reasons why this is dumb — A) Why is a music app being used to unlock a video? B) Why are you encouraging people to keep their cell phones on during a movie Sony? Not acceptable.

Well, anyways, these are the images you get if you’re slave to Sony’s corporate synergy…

First one is obviously Green Goblin. Then we have Doc Ock, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven and uhhh, probably Mysterio? Come on, just give him the fishbowl head.

Oddly Sony is claiming the villain line-up for Sinister Six still isn’t finalized. Guys, it’s kind of too late to put this genie back in the bottle. If you want people to care about your Shazamed credit teasers, you actually have to follow through on what you tease.

via Bleeding Cool & The Wrap