Sore Thumbs: Five Games That Are Going To Eat Your March

After a somewhat slow January and a relatively busy February, March is coming to kick the ass of every gamer in town. It doesn’t matter what you like, there’s probably a game you want to play. Here are the five most likely to be eating your time.

Tomb Raider

It’s not only been at the receiving end of an enormous hype machine and is the gritty reboot of a beloved, if somewhat goofy, franchise, every early review of the game has pretty much said it’s great. An open-world action-survival game is a new direction for the franchise, and it’ll be interesting to see what Square Enix has done with it. It arrives on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC March 5th.


The god game returns, and it’s ready to eat your life. Everything we’ve seen about this game indicates that it’s fussily detailed, impossible to stay on top of, and chock full of sims who are happy to sit around complacently until they snap as a group and start wrecking stuff. In other words, Maxis is giving the fans exactly what they want. It’s PC-only, until EA decides otherwise, March 5th.

StarCraft II: The Heart Of The Swarm

Supposedly this will have more of an RPG tinge to it than the previous entry in the StarCraft series. Interestingly, this is now being called a “sequel” instead of an expansion. This swarms PCs March 12th.

BioShock Infinite

Please: Bad reviews or good, you’re probably buying this game. It hits PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 March 26th.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

This one we’ve singled out because it’s a weird one: A roguelike set in the Pokemon universe. For those unfamiliar, a roguelike is a game with random levels and permanent death. This is actually at the intersection of two franchises, since the Mystery Dungeon is twenty years old and has been using Pokemon for a while now.

And that’s just the five that will probably consume the most time: March is incredibly busy, gaming-wise. Let us know the games you’re looking forward to in the comments.