This Former Sorority Girl Is Speaking Out About The Horrors She Witnessed In Greek Life

Syracuse University student Alex Purdy made the decision to leave her unnamed sorority with just one semester left before graduation. Why? Because while she joined to find camaraderie and a group of loyal women who would want to help each other to develop intellectually and “encourage each other to be their best selves,” she instead found the stereotypical cattiness as sororities are depicted in pop culture and movies.

In the nearly four-minute-long confessional, she says, “I was so upset to see the way that women were treating other women. To see women in leadership roles telling us that we should care more about what other people think and what we look like.” The reprehensible behavior she witnessed included girls being pressured to take weight loss supplements such as Hydroxycut, to dress “sluttier” at formals so guys would like them, and saying that they didn’t want any “FUPAs” in the house (which stands for “Fat Upper Pussy Area”).

Purdy says she hasn’t released the video out of spite and revenge, but rather that she hopes to make a broader statement about Greek life and open up a dialogue with the hashtag #SororityRevamp, so that other young women in her position might feel comfortable coming forward and trying to make changes for the positive.

(Via Daily Mail)

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