Sorry David Cross, But Nic Cage Is Totally The New Tobias Fünke

One of the things about running this website that’s kind of a drawback is that I spend so much time on the internet looking at things that are funny that it becomes harder and harder for me to find things that actually make me laugh out loud. You just get desensitized to funny, I guess. I mean, I still know funny when I see it, it’s just that my reactions aren’t as giddy as they probably would otherwise be.

That being said, in the internet’s on-going quest to insert Nic Cage into everything, a Redditor photoshopped Nic Cage’s face onto David Cross’ body to create a Nic Cage as Tobias Fünke montage thing. This made me laugh out loud. Like, I felt moved. I still feel moved, in fact. I hope you do too. You’re welcome.

(Imgur via The Bluth Company)