Free ‘Sorry Mario Bros’ Game: The Princess Is In Another Castle (Because She’s Saving Herself)

First a cool dad hacked Donkey Kong to let his daughter play as Pauline and rescue Mario, then somebody hacked Legend Of Zelda for Princess Zelda to save Link, and now the developers of The Wild Eternal have spent two weeks making Sorry Mario Bros. It’s a free downloadable game which lets Princess Peach make her own escape through three Super Mario Bros levels scrolling from left to right.

Trying to play a game scrolling left to right is a bit tricky, but the Princess has her floating jump from Super Mario Bros 2 and the ability to run to help her along. And we loved this theory by DrakkenmenschArs over at Ars Technica:

“See, the reason Peach was always in another castle is that she was escaping on her own and Mario was too slow to be able to catch up.”


Watching someone else play a video game poorly is torturous.