Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Take Back ‘Les Misérables’ From Russell Crowe

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03.29.14 6 Comments

Years before Tammy II and Ron Swanson made “love” mean something again, Megan Mullally had her own talk show. It was TERRIBLE. She was stuck in full-Karen Walker mode, meaning there was a lot of screeching. But The Megan Mullally Show did give us one very important clip: Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel singing “The Confrontation” from Les Misérables, with NPH as Javert and Segel as Jean Valjean.

So I’m happy to report that during a recent taping of Inside the Actors Studio, the How I Met Your Mother co-stars resurrected a grunt-free version of their greatest duet that doesn’t involve the word “bang.” THEORY: the Mother is Fantine. In Monday’s finale, after meeting Ted, she becomes a prostitute, loses her hair and teeth, and dies from tuberculosis. Still less painful than having to sit through Ted’s stories.

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