Here’s Your First Look At ‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’ Gameplay (While It Lasts) [UPDATED]

Ubisoft picked up the rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth when THQ declared bankruptcy, which cheered us greatly. The E3 trailer and the NSFW trailer were entertaining, and it would be a shame for a game of this magnitude to be abandoned. The good news is that over seven minutes of gameplay were screened at Fan Expo in Toronto last weekend, and a fan managed to snag some video. It looks awesomely similar to the show.

The scenes screened at Fan Expo involve a player stealing The Stick of Truth and using mysterious green goo to reanimate dead Nazi cats. Uh, okay. The clip also shows off the player’s special power, “Cup-a-Spell”, which involves farting, of course. And yes, you can light your Cup-a-Spell with an open flame. Your character is also nicknamed “The Dragonborn”. And your dragon shout? You guessed it. Also farting. And at some point you can have dueling fart magic with “Grand Wizard” Eric Cartman:

Classy times.

The video comes courtesy of Kotaku. Check out the 7+ magnificently silly minutes below while they last. NSFW due to swearing and cartoon butts.

VIDEO UPDATED (while this one lasts). Thanks to The Surly Badger for the assist.

It looks like this was filmed with a spycam hidden in eyeglass frames. We suspect it will get pulled soon, so view it while you can. If it’s already gone when you read this, console yourself with these screencaps and the ones below.

A couple more screencaps are available at Kotaku.