Southwest Customer Service Had A Good Sense Of Humor Over A Britney Spears-Themed Prank

Unless you live under a rock, under a bigger rock, buried beneath a freaking landfill, you know this week has been something awful for United Airlines. Violently and involuntarily removing a doctor from an overbooked flight to accommodate flight-crew then completely botching the aftermath has generated a ferociously vicious response from the Interwebs over the last few days. However, rather than continue to investigate the progress of that debacle, we’ve decided to share a significantly more positive aviation-related story with you all, in hopes of balancing out all the tension in the air (wink, wink).

Yesterday, Twitter user @xadoringpaige , who apparently loves WWE wrestling, sent a direct message to Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) to complain about a seemingly unpleasant in-flight experience she endured.


Sounds like somebody’s about to get in trouble!

Boom! Roasted! But wait till you see Southwest’s response.

Touche, Southwest and Linnea. We see a possible Communicator of the Year award in your future!

Can we be critical for a hot second though? This girls’ attempt at trolling is kind of weak and even that feels generous. One might argue that she doesn’t deserve Linnea’s sharp reply. We are especially disappointed that the insults “Britney” fictionally threw at her weren’t at least relevant to the prank. Like when this girl “asked for sugar for her coffee” why didn’t imaginary, rude, flight attendant Britney Spears say, “Sure, but it’s dangerous.” And then follow with a whisper in the ear to the tune of, “given you’re weight, don’t you know that it’s toxic?”

Just saying.