The Entire Internet Is Watching This Southwest Flight Attendant’s Stand Up Comedy Safety Announcement

It’s been a weird week for airlines. There was that whole “plane impaling vagina” US Airways tweet, but what that airline has garnered in unfortunate PR, Southwest is gaining in the positive with this mega viral video of a flight attendant dropping one-liner after one-liner during her pre-flight safety speech that magically transforms passengers into an audience at the Apollo.

Ever since Marty SWA flight attendant uploaded this vertical tour de force over the weekend it has been viewed over five million times (FIVE MILLION) and is most certainly on its way to helping the “Hilarious SWA Flight attendant- In Mid Life Crisis” accomplish her goal of meeting Ellen & Jimmy (because of course).

It’s fine, I guess. I certainly appreciate her effort. If my mom had forwarded this clip to me I would have watched fifteen seconds out of obligation before sending it to trash bin. The troubling thing here is that I’m certain almost every single one of those five million viewers would not get one joke on Rick & Morty. How the hell did we get Leno off the air? Or Colbert the The Late Show opening? I need to appreciate things more.