The Latest SpaceX Launch Caused Californians To Freak Out About Aliens

SpaceX celebrated their final launch of 2017 on Friday night, with their Falcon 9 rocket achieving liftoff from the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Hollywood Reporter explained that “the goal of the mission was to send 10 satellites into low Earth orbit for satellite communications company Iridium Satellite Communications.” According to The LA Times, “officials had warned the launch could be seen across Southern California and beyond,” with the contrails being very visible in the skies over Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The official SpaceX Twitter account even did a countdown to prepare for the event.

However, clearly not enough people are keeping track of SpaceX’s every move, and many were confused by the strange things filling up their sky. While some people were quick to snuff out speculation, others were ready to call in Mulder and Scully to investigate. It was the perfect thing to light up Twitter’s conspiracy theory radar, and the hot takes were flying in every direction.

Even SpaceX founder and supergenius Elon Musk was quick to stoke the speculation fires/make fun of everyone ready to make peace with the little green men with probes.

To be fair, earlier this week it was made public that the United States government had been funding a Pentagon program that was investigating the possibility of other intelligent life, so everyone had aliens on the brain anyway. The timing is a little suspicious…

(Via The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times, Press-Telegram)