Special Effect Wunderkinds Corridor Digital Go Sci-Fi in Prism

Almost every person who has played a video game has echoed the words, “How awesome would it be if we could play this game…in real life!”  The difference between everyone else and Corridor Digital, comprised of Sam Gorski and Nick Pueringer, is these two guys put down the controller and picked up a camera to try and see what it would actually look like. And guess what? You were right, it does look pretty freaking awesome. Their short parody videos of Golden Eye, Angry Birds and Minecraft have gotten millions of views and an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

Last Thursday these indie filmmakers shifted away from their video game humor bread and butter for an eight minute action/Sci-Fi film called Prism. Watch the video on the next page to see how the guys adapted to a longer format.

After releasing Modern Warfare: Frozen River Alpha, Corridor Digital were approached by FXHome, an online special effects community, to help improve their effects software HitFilm and make a video to promote the product. The result was Prism, “the coolest, most expensive, big budget, high production thing we could think of.” It was filmed in two nights with a budget of just $14,000. It doesn’t look like it only cost $14,000.

Digital Corridor made their own props, did their own effects and got their sound and music from a friend. You can hear more about the making of Prism here. Check out Prism below and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can see all of Corridor Digital’s YouTube videos here on their official channel.