Spectacular Sci-Fi, Ultraviolent Music Video Of The Day: Biting Elbows’ ‘Bad Motherf&%ker’

A music video by Russian indie-punk band Biting Elbows is currently going viral as f–k (that’s the proper technical term for this amount of viral load). YouTube has it listed at 302 views because YouTube. The song is called “Bad Motherf–ker” and it’s very NSFW due to violence and swearing.

Awesomely, it’s shot entirely in POV. The stuntman did a series of insane moves with a GoPro strapped to his face, like so:

To be honest, I almost tapped out in the beginning when the dog got hurt. Granted, it was cartoonishly fake violence, but still. Never hurt the dog, guys.

I stuck with it, though, and was rewarded with an insanely badass POV stunt video surrounding a mysterious invention that can teleport anyone in its possession when exposed to enough water. Words don’t really do it justice. Just check it out.

Here’s part one, Biting Elbows’ “The Stampede”. It’s not as good, but it gives some of the backstory and explains who the guy getting whacked at the beginning of “Bad Motherf–ker” probably is.

(H/T: BioTV and Reddit)