Spencer Pratt Puts Lady Gaga And Beyoncé On Blast, Claims He’s A Better Rapper Than Macklemore In New Interview

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If there’s one thing to be said for Spencer Pratt — a man who once wished that I’d choke on something before completely winning me over — it’s that the guy doesn’t care what you think of him. Despite the fact that he’s often referred to as one of the most hated people in reality TV, he hasn’t stopped (and won’t stop) dishing on what’s going on in pop culture. And if that means blasting Lady Gaga and Ryan Tedder, then so be it. Pratt’s got no regrets.

In a new interview with Spin, the man who once brought us the gift that is “I’m a Celebrity” sounded off on what’s going on in the music business, what Heidi Montag listens to on a daily basis (I was shocked!), and whether Lemonade is for real or just the world’s most clever marketing ploy. Before we get into all that, however, let’s listen to our boy Spencer’s hit song (which is available on Spotify, so you can totally take it with you).

Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah!

Okay, so let’s discuss the interview. The first thing you should know is that Pratt regrets giving up on his music career so quickly. Yeah, his song didn’t do much to win him fans, but the reality star says he looks at Macklemore and thinks “I could have made it. I shouldn’t have given up so fast.” And although Montag isn’t making music anymore, either, Pratt says she could have been huge. Well, if he hadn’t directed her video — remember “Higher”? — and if Ryan Tedder and Lady Gaga (then just Stefani) hadn’t screwed her over.

On Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga was this songwriter. We only know her name was Stefani. She was not even Lady Gaga yet, and she wrote a song with RedOne. RedOne gave it to Heidi and they put it out and everything. And then when it was on The View and getting all this press because Heidi had her Heidi fashion show, and the song “Fashion” was playing. All of sudden Lady Gaga freaked out, called RedOne, “That’s my song! I wanted that!” and da-da-da. Whatever though, her last album flopped, so she got her kaaaa-karma.

She’s such a fraud and it’s so frustrating. It’s like, you were so edgy and creative and now you’re so glamorous and classy and ride horses in Malibu and date the most atypical stud and ride around on the back of a motorcycle with Bradley Cooper. It’s like, where are all your monsters? Give me a break.

And on Ryan Tedder:

He was like a singer from Colorado on MySpace. We go meet with him to write and produce a new song for Heidi, and he was wearing a fedora. He had the funniest hat on and he was so goofy. He was really super-likable. We went to meet him at some hip little spot in Hollywood, and he goes to me, “‘I’ve got a hit for you. I’m gonna write you a hit.” So he wrote Heidi a freaking hit. It was called “Reach Out and Touch Me.” So it was all set. Heidi was recording it, and then all of a sudden Hilary Duff came out of nowhere and offered a fat check for the song when the guy needed money. She ended up putting that song out.

As Spin notes, that song eventually became Duff’s “Reach Out.” But that’s not the only reason Pratt’s not so into Tedder — although the fedora would have been enough, to be honest — he’s also upset that the singer/songwriter never thanked him for making “Apologize” a huge hit. What does Spencer Pratt have to do with that song being heard everywhere? According to Pratt, he gave the song to The Hills’ music supervisor, who put it on the air way before the Timbaland remix.

As for Beyoncé? Pratt believes that Lemonade is “the most obvious marketing hustle on the whole planet.”

Everyone just loves anything Beyoncé and Jay Z. They want to play along, but I don’t believe that one bit. Beyoncé’s not gonna be airing out real-life dirty laundry on records, in my opinion. With all due respect to Jay Z, do you think Beyoncé, the most powerful superhero woman, is gonna tolerate a cheater like that? Yeah right, she’d divorce his ass so fast.

That’s not a knock against Queen Bey, though. Pratt readily asserts that both the Carters are perhaps contrived in their artistry creating a story people can connect with.

The most interesting portion of the interview, outside of the celebrity gossip, is Pratt’s admission that Heidi Montag listens almost exclusively to Christian music. Had no idea that was the case? Neither did most of the free world! I contacted Pratt to ask whether Montag’s love of worship music was for real. His reply: “love is an understatement. Blasting it 24/7.”

Montag’s taste in music may be more than appropriate. When asked whether she’d ever try her hand at singing again, Pratt told Spin that the pair have accepted that her music career’s “gonna be in heaven forever.”