People Are Pretty Upset With These T-Shirts Being Sold By Spencer’s Gifts

Spencer’s Gifts has long since been the leading destination for racy dorm room posters and gag gifts (like the “poop mug” featured above) which has somehow incredibly managed to outlast stores like Sharper Image, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, KB Toys, and other mall staples all since gone the way of the dinosaurs. Basically, long after civilization has ended, the cockroaches will still be able to buy their fuzzy handcuffs and beer helmets at Spencer’s Gifts.

Yet somehow, despite this retail perseverance, it seems as if most people haven’t set foot into a Spencer’s since high school or college. So let’s check in with Spencer’s Gifts in 2017 — shall we? — courtesy of this tweet from writer Mary Numair.

Ohhhhhh. Of course, 2017 Spencer’s Gifts is now selling borderline offensive, or just downright “offensive” Donald Trump merchandise. And while Trump may be the most unpopular president-elect in decades, it should come as little surprise that the “grab America by the pussy” T-shirt is completely sold out on the Spencer’s website. From the website, below is the product description:

He’s done it again. The Donald grabbed America by the pu$$y this election, now you can too with this hilarious political tee! This laugh out loud Spencer’s exclusive shirt is perfect for reminding everyone that Trump’s in charge.

Well, in charge at least until two months from now when Mike Pence takes over, anyway. Once Numair’s tweet started to go viral, people on Twitter began to express their outrage over the poorly conceived shirt:

If it’s any consolation to Spencer’s, it’s likely that all of the people threatening to boycott the company probably never shopped there in the first place.

(Via BroBible)