This Blueberry Filled With Spiders Will Put You Off Breakfast Forever

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants so that’s why they’re the perfect fruit to toss into your breakfast smoothie or, if you are a breakfast connoisseur like the late great Prince, into your pancakes, but maybe you should take a better look at your berries before you start eating them.

Redditor bsegovia found something that they least expected when they went to enjoy a spoonful of blueberries in their breakfast cereal.The redditor posted pictures of a blueberry with what appears to have a spider’s nest jammed inside of it to the What’s This Bug subreddit with the caption: “Found this among a new pack of blueberries. Burned the rest naturally. What was in here?”

Redditor “breathfresh” dropped some knowledge about the extra bit of protein found in this person’s berry. They claimed that they’re a “former blueberry farmer” and this phenomenon is quite common with organic blueberries and that they don’t need to “burn the rest”, but rather “chew it up” because they “never heard of one getting hurt from eating one like that.” This former blueberry farmer is right though, it is extremely common for spiders to make their nest inside of blueberries and dozens of incidents exist surrounding spiders that hang out inside of the produce at your favorite grocery store.

And yes, you wouldn’t necessarily get hurt from eating it, but dozens of spider horror and sci-fi films have taught us that it is never a bad idea to play it safe and just buy different fruit.

(Via: Mashable)