Spielberg’s Next…”Robopocalypse”?

Spielberg and robots have kind of a rough history. Consider that his previous attempts with movies involving robots led to the…controversial “A.I.” and the much hated, yet relentlessly successful, “Transformers” franchise. Still, we’ve got high hopes for “Robopocalypse”, if for no other reason than Spielberg still has his action movie mojo. Dreamworks and Fox are reportedly working on a deal to co-finance the film with a release date set for July 3rd, 2013.

Then again, the script is by Drew Goddard, who wrote some of the crappier episodes of “Buffy” and is also to blame for “Cloverfield”, which took a great gimmick and wasted it on characters who should have been beaten to death with a pipe wrench five minutes in. So maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath that this’ll be any good. But, hey, can’t suck worse than “The Terminal”.

[ via the robot underlords at Deadline ]