Angry Woman Riding ‘Splash Mountain’ Might Be The New Best Meme Of All Time

Life & Culture Editor
03.10.16 6 Comments

Bad Luck Brian, Success Kid, Overly Attached Girlfriend: These are all memes you know and (potentially) love. They, like Scumbag Steve, Good Guy Greg, and ERMAHGERD girl (hey, books are awesome!) have ascended to a plane that’s somewhere between human and spiritual, a place in which they’ll always be both ridiculed and admired by thousands on a daily basis. About to join them? This very angry woman having the time of her whole life on Splash Mountain, one of the most terrifying experiences you could ever subject a human to (and surprisingly still considered a “ride” and not an “enhanced interrogation technique”).

Posted by Imgur user Blackthorne519, the story behind the legend is quite simple. This women went to Disney World with her husband, got in line for Splash Mountain, and learned that her partner would (very wisely) not be joining her because being serenaded by animatronic animals and then thrown down an almost vertical hill isn’t as much fun as I’m making it sound. It’s not like she was going to waste her ride, though. So, instead of not going, this woman mustered up all her courage, suffered through the line and the seven minutes of song-and-dance in a damp and enclosed space (you ever notice the smell in there? perfect place to hide a body… if you needed to hide a body at Disney World), and then made the above face as she was coming down the final drop.

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