02.12.10 9 years ago

Stan Lee is making a new property called Super Seven, which will feature seven aliens that land on Earth and befriend…Stan Lee. Yep, Stan Lee is finally making a comic book about himself, which makes sense considering all of his characters already sound like him.

It’ll be coming out in comics and online animation in the fall, which brings up the question, can you think of any recent Stan-Lee-created properties that have been the least bit entertaining? I mean, did anyone watch Stan Lee’s Lightspeed? Or The Condor? Or Mosiac? The last thing I think even remotely tried to see that had “Stan Lee’s” sticking off of it was Striperella…and that was just because the sound of Pamela Anderson desperately trying to act helped me get to sleep. (I dunno, it was like one of those rain forest machines they sell at Brookstones.)

I just feel bad for those aliens. Because if there’s one person on this Earth who you don’t want to teach how a “normal person” acts or talks like…it’s Stan Lee.


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