Stanley From ‘The Office’ Has A Music Video, Your World Is Forever Turned Upside Down

I’d love to tell you I have even a semblance of a clue as to what the hell is going on here and provide you with some comforting guidance. But I can’t. Our good friend Endswell at High Definite just discovered this Leslie David Baker music video that went live last Friday and only has slightly over 1K views as of this typing so I must share immediately. Here’s the description from YouTuber 2BeSimpleLDB (Stanley himself, obvs):

“Leslie David Baker’s debut single ‘2 Be Simple” features International Musical Sensations N.U.M. Music Group. It’s Fun!! It’s Young!! It’s Simple!!”

Let’s watch and then discuss…

So. Many. Questions. With no answers in sight.

How did this happen? Who the f*ck is N.U.M.? What about Stanley says fun, young, or single? Who’s idea was the dick in a box guy? Did anyone at the party shove anything up their butt? Why is there no mention of musical aspirations on LDB’s Wikipedia page? Could I beat Captain Jack Sparrow at beer pong? What about any of this is “2 Be Simple”? Is it weird that I’m almost certain that the first Google suggestion for his name (“Leslie David Baker Gay”) is the motivation? Does that chick have three legs or a d*ck?

Don’t panic people, we’ll get through this. In the meantime, screengrabs. Deep breaths.