'Star Trek 2' Hooters Guys Night Out As Live-Tweeted By Simon Pegg And Zachary Quinto

Saturday night the male stars (not named Cho, Urban, or Yelchin) of the currently filming Star Trek sequel went out for beers and the death of boxing at a local Northern California Hooters. I can only assume the Hooters is near where they’re shooting, but who knows? Maybe Benedict Cumberbatch just had a serious hankering for chicken wings. That guy certainly looks like he knows his way around a wet nap.

Anyway, Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto were thoughtful enough to document the evening via tweets so what follows is a rough chronological Twitter recap of a random dudes night that I would have very much liked to have been a part of. Probably for the best though. If I had shown up then Alice Eve would have insisted on tagging along, and it would have turned into this whole thing and ruined the chill vibe.

Note: The above photo via Buzzfeed is the only clear visual evidence of Chris Pine being in attendance. I have to imagine after recent, um, associations with viral cell phone photos he prefers to keep a low social media profile.

“Boxing game.” I blame Bieber.

Good one, Quinto. I’m sure he’s never heard that one before.

Simon Pegg was always the designated drunk driver in college.

I think it’s safe to assume they buried a hooker at some point.

I. See. What. You. Did. There.

Now that’s just some inspired photoshopping.

Simply fantastic.