Alice Eve In Her Underwear Distracted Us From Hidden URL In ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer

When we posted the international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness earlier today, we somehow missed the web address in the background of the scene above. By “somehow” we mean “obviously”. Kudos to whoever spotted this first. I’m gayer than John Travolta riding a bedazzled Segway, and even I didn’t look away from Alice Eve in her underwear. Still didn’t notice it while screencapping it. Whoever spotted this is dedicated to their geekery.

And kudos to J.J. Abrams, who found a valid excuse for sudden, unexplained partial nudity in a Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Oh, it was to draw attention to an Easter egg? Suuuuure.

The link screencapped above leads to a new poster displayed at the official Star Trek Into Darkness page for Australia. Thanks to Trek Movie and CBM for pointing this out.

No, you guys. Stop looking to the sides. He’s right in front of you. What’s so interesting over to the side anyway? Is it Alice Eve in her underwear again? I bet it is.