Benedict Cumberbatch Will Walk Over Our Cold Corpses In New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer

New international trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness premiered last night via Apple. The trailer parallels the Super Bowl spot but adds some intriguing new scenes. We screencapped the most intriguing one above because we love you. Also, we’re shameless about Google search traffic, which is another reason we’d screencap ALICE EVE UNDERWEAR SEXY ALMOST TOPLESS PILLOW FIGHT ALISON BRIE. *cashes check* (UPDATE: That underwear shot has a hidden URL.)

Paramount also released some new pictures via EW and Qualcomm’s Star Trek Into Darkness app. If you want to see brightly-lit people staring intently into the middle distance, boy howdy are you in luck.

Star Trek Into Darkness hits IMAX 3D theaters on May 15th and everywhere else two days later. Several more international trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness are available in HD at Apple if you want to watch slightly different versions of the same trailer over and over. (We don’t.)

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