Hop Into The Volcano Suit And Check Out New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Video And Pictures

A short teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness premiered during the MTV Movie Awards last night, which gives us an excuse to post all of the posters and pictures we’ve been collecting, only some of which involve crew members in their underwear (AKA the new Starfleet uniform? *fingers crossed*).

The new pictures include a first look at Keenser, a Starfleet engineer. We also have character posters for several of the crew members, including Uhura with a gun and Spock seeming way too happy about wearing a volcano suit and hanging out with some lava (as one does). We also spotted a new poster of the Enterprise plummeting while on fire, which hopefully won’t be prescient of what Star Trek Into Darkness might do to this franchise if it underperforms in theaters on May 17th.

We’ll put the picture of Keenser and a GIF of Alice Eve in her bra and panties on the second page because spoilers. By “spoilers” we mean “page views”. Daddy needs a new volcano suit.

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We like to call this next picture LAVA BUSPOCKKE. We have fun.