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If you’re a trekkie waiting for the launch of the Star Trek MMO (and still trying to drink the memories of Star Trek Nemesis out of your brain, like us), you might want to preorder it now, as Cryptic Studios and Atari have revealed that a ton of extra equipment and crewmembers will be available to those who preorder from specific outlets. Oh, and preordering gets you a spot in the open Beta Test, so there that, too.

Some of the exclusive stuff you can get with (along with translations for those of you who aren’t sitting in your Federation jammies):

Best Buy: your own pet. Federation players get a Tribble, while Klingons get a Targ (a Klingon horned space pig).

Gamestop: you get your own Constitution Class starship. (That is, an Original Series Enterprise-style starship.)

Wal-Mart: you get an extra skill points to advance you characters faster.

Amazon: you get your own “liberated borg” bridge officer. (Think Seven of Nine, the corseted, large-breasted cyborg from Star Trek Voyager.) While we don’t know if the character will have her, um, “assets” (space boobs), it will come with unique nanotech abilities.

Target: you get an exclusive weapon, the TR-116. (This is a good old-fashioned projectile shooting rifle with a transporter attached. It was used in a Deep Space Nine by a crazy Vulcan sniper to shoot people in the head through walls. So far, this is the one we’re looking for.)

Direct2Drive: you get a multi-spatial personal shield, which will regenerate and improve the health of your character. (This is the type of the shields the Borg use. If you don’t know them, they’re the cyborgs that took over Star Trek Voyager.)

STEAM: you get chromodynamic armor, which improves the damage and critical hits of energy weapons. (Yeah, we don’t know what the heck this is. Sounds fancy, though.)


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