Care To Watch A Star Trek Teleportation Prank At A British Shopping Mall?

To promote the release of Star Trek Into Darkness on UK streaming service Blinkbox, illusionist Scott Penrose and Blinkbox put together a Star Trek teleportation prank at a shopping center.

Using three sets of twins and a box with an HDTV on the front, they tricked some really gullible people who’ve never heard of obscure concepts like “televisions” and “twins”. Oh well. They’re English. Maybe they don’t have those things yet. Don’t care enough to check. (USA! USA! USA!)

Incidentally, researchers at the University of Tokyo just announced the first successful complete quantum teleportation of photonic quantum bits, so we’re going to have to wait awhile to actually teleport entire people around a shopping mall. We still don’t recommend doing it. You’re just going to end up with a storage room full of dead Hugh Jackmans. Did we have a sign outside that said “Dead Hugh Jackman Storage”? Get those outta here.

(H/T: DP&F)