You Will Believe A Klingon Can Giggle: New 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Blooper Reel

Awhile back we posted a Star Trek bloopers compilation. Unfortunately that video was pulled, and we only have the GIFs below to remember them by. But on the bright side, Paramount has released a new blooper reel to promote the first Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s fourth season. The Blu-ray is out tomorrow if you want to mount your furniture Riker-style and re-watch it.

We get to peek at a few scenes going off the rails, and it’s great to see Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn and company having a little fun back in the day. Considering how melodramatic the show could get at times, these clips are all the more surreal. [Blastr via The Mary Sue]

Stay tuned all the way to the end to see our favorite part, Jonathan Frakes getting the church giggles.

(GIFs via Buzzfeed)