These Cosplay Tips Will Help You Dress Like Your Favorite ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally out in theaters, many fan questions have been answered (no spoilers!), but one issue remains: who on earth are you going to cosplay as at upcoming comic conventions/costume parties? Whether you need to begin planning your shopping list or if you’re the crafty type, here are five options to kick start your project.

Kylo Ren

Sure, he’s new to the franchise, but his outfit makes for perfect cosplay. The big reason why? It’s simple (but not at all cheap)! Aside from the mask itself (which I’m sure you can craft a makeshift version of if you aren’t willing to spend a whopping $699 on a high quality replica), you could find most of this costume in your closet if you have an affinity for black.

Tips: Make sure the attire is loose fitting so that you can tantrum without restriction because no one else understands what it’s like to be seduced by the dark side. Also, you need a custom lightsaber (another $199). Without it, you’re just dressed in all black with only your feels to keep you company at the party.


The cosplay options for female Star Wars characters are woefully limited, so Rey is bound to have a big presence at the next con you attend. Which is an awesome thing, but her attire is a little drab when compared to other options. Dressing it up with a staff (or SPOILER SPOILER, a lightsaber) will help you stand out, but if you’re rolling with a BB-8, you’re winning costume contests.

Tips: BB-8 is a must, but which one? Does a plush one indicate that you are serious about your cosplay? Not really, and the $149.99 Sphero model is functional but liable to get stepped on due to its diminutive size should you try to have it keep up with you in a crowd. The custom BB-8 that you can make by following along to the James Bruton videos you can find in this Nerdist article, however, seems like a nice blend of appropriate size and mobility.

Han Solo

An oldie but a goodie; we all want to either be Han Solo or be with Han Solo. With his roguish charm and wit, he’s been a fan favorite now for almost 40 years. You probably can’t fake that charm (sorry), but the Han Solo look is almost too easy. Own a white shirt and a vest? You’re already halfway done with your old school costume. A leather jacket? Now you’ve got classic Han (Okay, it’s not quite that simple).

Now all you need is an appropriately sized hairy sidekick.

Tips: Tall friends are a blessing due to things on tall shelves and cosplay quandaries such as these, but there’s no guarantee that the pituitary case in your life is going to be down to drape themselves in fur for your cosplay needs. If you can’t get stretch to play along, though, you can always make some stilts and allow a shorter friend to live the dream. This video will show you how, but there are plenty of other methods discussed online.


Like Han (and Poe), you can pull off a Finn costume with a cool leather jacket, but you’ve also got the option of spending a few dollars on a storm trooper costume and then leaving the helmet at home. There’s a tradeoff, though: you can’t wield a lightsaber if you go that route.

Tips: Go with the lightsaber and the jacket (which you can pick up for $175). There are more than enough stormtroopers on the floor at whatever convention you go to. More than enough.

Poe Dameron/Fighter Pilot

Because like Han Solo, we all want to be Oscar Isaac for a day. Reported as being the “best fighter pilot in the galaxy,” Poe is another one of the new generation characters that we’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming months. However, it also works if you’re a Star Wars purist, because the classic X-Wing jumpsuit benefits from being instantly recognizable and bridges the classic trilogy to the new era. Not everyone can pull off that shocking orange, but it’s also one that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Tips: The jumpsuit isn’t going to be a challenge, but the helmet might be. If you don’t want to be bothered with craft-work, this $90 replica of the OG X-Wing fighter helmet is an option, even though it doesn’t really look like Poe’s helmet. For the craftier among us, let this video be your guide.

Captain Phasma

Though no one is happy with the low amount of screen time given to Captain Phasma, the character will likely take on a bigger role in future films (one can hope), and she still has the coolest costume in the film. Pulling off a replica will be challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Tips: This pepakura printed version of the helmet, which is then solidified, looks like a time consuming but awesome undertaking that you can be proud of. There are less complicated versions, but I say suffer for the ability to lay out the impressive way you pulled off your look.