Government Workers Enjoyed ‘Star Wars’ Day While The World Burned Around Them

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Another Star Wars Day has come and gone, unofficially of course, but that doesn’t mean folks didn’t have their fair share of fun with a galaxy far, far away. While we looked at what women from the Star Wars universe deserve to make their way to the screen, others around the globe found their own ways to celebrate. The most peculiar of the bunch were the many government bodies that decided to celebrate on social media and elsewhere. Take the Australian Senate for example, tipping the hat to their fictional counterpart:

But don’t think it stopped there. Soon, whoever is running the account got into a discussion with fans and started to ponder the realities of the Galactic Senate. They’re wondering where the Galactic House of Representatives is before realizing that it was all combined into one mega political forum in George Lucas’ vision. That means Senator Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks are different levels within the same system, even if one seems to have too much power and managed to ruin the entire galaxy. That said, Amidala tossed the whole thing into motion by voting no confidence on the Chancellor so really, Binks was just following by example.

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