‘Star Wars: Deleted Magic’: Watch Over Two Hours Of Fascinating Deleted Scenes And Making-Of Footage

Lucasfilm has released a lot of supplemental Star Wars footage over the years – deleted scenes, alternate takes, making-of featurettes and behind-the-scenes interviews. It can borderline impossible to keep track of all, but thankfully Star Wars super fan Garrett Gilchrist edited all the most interesting stuff together into a sort of loose documentary called Stars Wars: Deleted Magic a few years back.

Deleted Magic hasn’t been easy to get your hands on for a while now, but Gilchrist recently uploaded the whole, two-hour thing to Vimeo. So, if you’re feeling like just taking a nice, long soak in random Star Wars ephemera, well, now you can. Check out both parts of Stars Wars: Deleted Magic below…


Y’know, if this whole Episode VII thing doesn’t work out, they could always add a few more effects to this and I bet fans would be pretty happy.

Via The Playlist