'Star Wars: Detours' Parody From The 'Robot Chicken' Guys Looks, Um…

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08.27.12 4 Comments

It’s a crap!

Star Wars: Detours is a George Lucas approved parody from the Robot Chicken guys (Seth Green and Matt Senreich). The official synopsis describes the series as focusing on “the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems.” They re-cast The Emperor as a gossip hound, Han Solo and Chewbacca as an ersatz old married couple arguing, Obi-Wan as a huckster, Princess Leia as a stuck-up valley girl with a pack of Mean Girl friends, and various other beloved characters living incongruent parallel lives between Episodes III and IV. Check out the trailer and six clips below.
We’re trying to give it the benefit of the doubt because it’s parody and the animation’s good, but some of it is reminding us of the worst parts of the Star Wars canon, like the dancing scenes in Kinect Star Wars. Seriously, this happened:
At least they’re probably parodying how awful that part of the Kinect game was. But so far Star Wars Detours seems to not have been received very well. The top comment at YouTube (with 1,440 upvotes) is, “It’s like Robot Chicken without the funny.” Are we on Mustafar? Because that was a SICK BURN.
[Hat tip to Affenheim Theater and i09. More clips and pictures may be available at the official Star Wars: Detours Facebook page.]

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