Humpday Mashup Dump

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Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of
In the offing for today:

  1. Remember how George Lucas changed Obi Wan’s Krayyt Dragon call for the Star Wars Blu-rays (last video on this page)? Sorry for reminding you, but now we know what really happened to cause Obi Wan to make that noise. [via Obvious Winner]
  2. Speaking of the Blu-rays, George C. Scott has got something to tell us. [via Buzzfeed]
  3. Star Wars + Yolanda Be Cool’s “We No Speak Americano” = Good luck getting this song out of your head anytime soon. [via HYST]
  4. Clips from “Game of Thrones” (spoiler alert, I guess) set to “Iron” by Woodkid, a song that seems to be finally getting some attention (from this and from Assassin’s Creed) after sitting in my mp3 rotation for months. *adjusts keffiyeh, scowls at all the damn hipsters in this vegan bakery / fair trade coffee bistro* [via TheHighDefinite]
  5. Jeff Yorkes mashed All the President’s Men and “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys . [via Yahoo]
  6. Banner picture (original artist unknown) via Julia Segal.
  7. Inset picture: “Darth Proof” by David Cordell. [via HeyOscarWilde]

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