Missed ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens?’ Here’s A Recap Told In Emoji

In 20 years, our cultural love of emoji is probably going to be embarrassing, like pet rocks and Tamagotchis. But for now, the cute little glyphs are everywhere, and Disney has recruited Twitter’s custom Star Wars emoji set to recap the movie for those of you who missed out.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any major spoilers, unless somehow you’ve just escaped from a bunker you were trapped in for the last two years and are getting caught up on popular culture. But needless to say, this is almost relentlessly adorable, and the animation team behind this is often superbly witty, making use of GIFs, texted photos, and other bits to spice things up and for some more amusing jokes. If only Sony’s upcoming emoji movie can be this good, it might be a classic.

Anyway, if you somehow missed the movie in theaters, and aren’t going to see the Blu-ray for a while, this is a good refresher on what happens. Right down to the ending, which perhaps more accurately sums up how people felt about it than it does the ending itself. Really, Disney should do these for all the Star Wars movies, especially the prequels. They already have a George Lucas emoji, after all.

(Via YouTube)