Star infoWars: The Death Star Was An Inside Job!

Graham Putnam has made a mockumentary which is both Star Wars related and parodies the 9/11 truther conspiracy theories of Loose Change. This is totally in our wheelhouse, which is located on a grassy knoll next to a fluoride mine.

It’s titled “Luke’s Change: An Inside Job”, of course. While matching the “I’m just asking questions” format of most conspiracy videos, it’s also riddled with enough factual errors to annoy even casual Star Wars fans. Putnam doesn’t use the actual Millennium Falcon blueprint and refers to the exhaust port as 2 feet wide (not two meters).

This is because the narrator is supposed to be an amateur investigator within the Star Wars universe who lacks direct access to information, so he has to make assumptions and present them as facts, just like some conspiracy theorists do. However, this sloppy investigative reporting still doesn’t excuse saying “Aldebaran”. Seriously, dude? Do you have any idea how many poor souls lost their lives on Alderaan? PRONOUNCE IT RIGHT. NEVER FORGET.

(H/T: Boing Boing)