State Farm Gets Much Needed Teleportation Parody

“Needs more Girl from 4E” is my only real complaint here as Hot Garbage Video has managed to nail just about everything else necessary when parodying the State Farm teleporting agent commercials. Granted this would have been more effective several months ago when those commercials really started hitting their stride, but someone besides me on my couch needed to point out the irresponsibility of marketing State Farm agents as teleporting gods. I’m sure State Farm agents haven’t been too stoked about the home office setting the bar at omnipotent levels. From my experience the only thing my agent is capable of teleporting to is an early lunch break.

Chicken Parm Sub Theft, Hot Tubs with Dolphins, and Teleporting Boners highlight the awesomeness…

Now that I think about it they should have worked in a Rachel Bilson-Jumper reference, but whatever. Bonus Girl from 4E official site here.

Source: Hot Garbage Video Via: The High Definite