Statham and Bay Not Making “Transformers 4”?

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10.21.11 2 Comments

It’s a little weird to say, but a British metrosexual has become the world’s favorite action star. Seriously. Jason Statham spends a lot of time starring in B-level action movies, but it’s profitable and people love him for it. So we guess “Transformers” kinda makes sense, sorta.

Except not, since neither he nor Michael Bay actually want anything to do with the franchise. Well, Statham wouldn’t turn down working for Bay, since hey, it’s all explosions anyway, right? But neither of them are doing “Transformers 4.”

This doesn’t mean “Transformers 4” isn’t going to happen: you don’t turn out three movies that make a billion dollars in theaters alone and just walk away from the franchise. Are you kidding? Hasbro’s going to beat this into the floor. It’s just they’re going to hire another director, and probably somebody cheaper than Shia LeBoeuf, at least until he stars in a few more bombs and is willing to do anything for money.

[ via the Go-Bots at IndieWire ]

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