Check Out These Jagaloons: ‘Step Brothers’ Art Show At Gallery 1988

You may not have noticed but it’s the four-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Step Brothers. (That’s why we weren’t here on Monday. We were celebrating this momentous anniversary on a boat with no internet access.) To celebrate the significant achievement of a Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly vehicle being four years old, Gallery 1988 Venice in Los Angeles opened a Step Brothers art show last Friday.
“The Four Year Anniversary Celebration of the Cinematic Classic Step Brothers” will be on display at Gallery 1988’s Venice location until September 22nd. The art show features contributions from over 50 different artists, including Anthony Petrie’s work in the picture above.
Our favorite 30 works of Step Brothers art are collected below, courtesy of Gallery 1988. Some of them are still for sale if you follow the link under each picture, assuming you didn’t already spend your cash on boats, hoes, and movie-quality Chewbacca masks. Thanks to Funny Or Die and /film for the assist.

Anthony Petrie’s “John Stamos”

Mike Mitchell’s “Your actions have consequences!”

Joey Spiotto’s “Prestige Worldwide”

Jason Edmiston’s “My Nut Sack On Your Drum Set”

Ridge Rooms’ “Bro-toos”

Tim Maclean’s “Do You Wanna Go Do Karate In The Garage?”

Stephen Andrade’s “Research And Development: Putting In The Man Hours”

Derek Deal’s “Did We Just Become Best Friends?”

Darin Shock’s “Huff ‘n Doback”

Joey Spiotto’s “Super Step Brothers”

Evanimal’s “Con Te Partiro”

Evanimal’s “I Don’t Believe in Belts”

Cuyler Smith’s “Brennan and Dale’s Movie Poster”

Brandon Sopinsky’s “You have to call me Dragon, Well You have to call me Night Hawk”

Miranda Dressler’s “Drumset”

Miranda Dressler’s “Family Issues”

Miranda Dressler’s “Shark Week”

Aaron Sechrist’s “Jagaloons”

Julia Sonmi Heglund’s “It’s Okay That Mine’s Not Movie Quality”

Paul Palcko’s “You Have To Call Me Dragon”

Brad Hill’s “Childish Things”

Rich Pellegrino’s “Call Me Jack Sparrow”

Rich Pellegrino’s “Good Housekeeping. No Question.”

Mike Mitchell’s “Fancy Sauce”

Dave Quiggle’s “Research & Development”

Ben Chlapek’s “This house is a prison”

Scott Derby’s “Horror Comics”

Zeb Love’s “Where Wings Take Dream”

Mike Dornseif’s “Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur”