Some Of Those Reports Of Angry Clowns Might’ve Just Been Promotional Stunts For ‘IT’

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Warner Bros.

It has been hard out there for clowns thanks to the production of the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Pennywise returned to the screen after nearly three decades and the build has seen real clowns enter the spotlight in a negative way thanks to the horror of the story and the emergence of threatening clowns all across the United States. While the jury is still out on those frightening incidents all around the nation and their connection to the Warner Bros. horror smash, there might be a shade of doubt on the validity of some of this clown anger that preceded the film’s release.

Back in April, reports spread around indicating clowns were very angry with film after its first trailer was released. Some of those angry clowns seem to be very real, like Nick Kane and Gilly Adams who were facing issues back when the trailer was released and called clowning “a dying profession” that is already facing an uphill battle with kids. Some have also shared their anger with Stephen King and director Andy Muschietti, with the World Clown Association even releasing an official statement distancing real clowns from Pennywise, calling King’s creation a “fantasy character.”

Muschietti said that the clowns should be thanking him during a chat with TMZ, almost agreeing with the WCA’s statement when it comes to and saying the professionals should step up their game:

“I think, if anything, clowns are benefiting from the publicity. Clown fear is coming back, but you know there’s scary clowns and there’s nice clowns. So they should think what kind of clown they should be, right?”

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