Sterling Cooper Vader Price: More Darth, Less Don In The ‘Mad Men’ Opening Sequence

Only a weekend removed from the best Mad Men wordplay we’ll see all month enters a runner-up in the form of Don Draper being traded for Darth Vader in re-created Mad Men opening credits by designer Dann Matthews, who has a whole shop of Sterling Cooper Vader Price stuff for the sci-fi/period drama geek in your life. Doubt I’ll be rocking a hoodie any time soon, but the video is extremely well done, especially falling Vader and the inclusion of various Star Wars personalities where the vintage advertisements normally go. Slave Leia is especially relevant.

I’d never really considered the Vader-Draper parallels before, but they’re not a stretch, except for Dick Whitman not being nearly as punchable as Annakin Skywalker. This isn’t a message board with “Mos Eisley” in the title so I’m not going to spend time paring up other characters from the franchises, but I will clue you in that I’m almost certain Glen Bishop grows up to be Han Solo. Call it a hunch.

I’m also pretty sure that we’re officially in Mad Men countdown mode (March 25th!). Get excited.

Vimeo via Buzzfeed