Steve Carell Is Enjoying Everyone Realizing He’s Turned Into A ‘Stud Muffin’

Senior Pop Culture Editor

Steve Carell was never a bad-looking guy (The Office season one notwithstanding), but no one has exactly confused him for a stud, either. But recently, in the hyperbolic words of BuzzFeed, “Guys, Steve Carell Just Got Insanely Hot And I Don’t Know How To Feel About It.” Ever since Carell appeared in London last week to promote Despicable Me 3 — starring some real hunks, the Minions — and a Twitter user wrote, “Honestly take your Goslings and your Zayns Malik and give me 2017 Steve Carell,” he’s been asked about his new look numerous times.

“I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes,” Carell joked to ET. “It’s just genetic. There’s nothing I can do… I’m bursting with pride. That’s very nice.” On Tuesday’s The Tonight Show, after host Jimmy Fallon called him a “stud muffin,” the Battle of the Sexes star said, “My wife finally said she’s in love with me. It’s exciting.” After Fallon teased him for joining the silver fox club (founding members: Anderson Cooper, Roger Sterling, and George Clooney), Carell replied, “There’s a bracelet you get, and mine says Steve and on the other side, [it] says, hunk of man meat.”

He’s come a long way since being a 40-year-old virgin, and The Office fans, who are used to Prison Mike, aren’t sure how to handle Scott getting hot.

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